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Frequently asked questions

What is Stockman Cooperative about?

Stockman Cooperative is an investment cooperative company. We are a group of people who pull resources together to invest, give credit and share surplus.

How can I benefit from these services?

You have to be a member of Stockman Invement Cooperative to benefit from any of our services. Click this link, fill the short form. Our client’s service executive will contact you.

What are other benefits of being a member?

•Members also enjoy asset financing at a single digit interest rate. •Every member is entitled to credit facility of 2times the amount of their total contributions. •All members would have access to our monthly financial literacy and Free investments consultation programs. •Life Insurance cover available to all after two years membership (T&C Applies) •Free consultation on Retirement planning and personal finance

Is my savings or contribution safe?

Yes. It is very safe. By law all funds or contributions are to be invested in assets that guarantee both the capital and returns on investment. Exposure to equities market is less than 5% of total contribution. Loans Portfolio would be adequately insured.

Membership Cards

Once you've registered, we’ll send you a Membership card. You can only have one Membership account at a time. This card proves that you’re a Member – so we may demand to see it when you do things like attending general meetings